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critique please!
by christian wynne 12 years ago
hey, Ive been working on a title for a project i'm doing. This is the first title i've made and i would like some feedback. You guys are the pro's so your honest opinion please, after all i want to l
Re: critique please!
by Brandon Withrow 12 years ago
Very cool! I dig the style. One thing, you might want to ease out of the move on the Title card. It kinda stops dead in its tracks when it reaches center screen.
Teaser trailer for greenscreen project
by Brandon Withrow 12 years ago
Hello everyone! Check out this teaser for an upcoming feature I am working on. We shot the whole thing on an XL2, in front of greenscreen. http: watch v=G5mWgKu0tE0 Please check it out
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