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March 22nd 2019
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Tutorial: How To Stylize Extruded Text in After Effects
by Brandon Johnston 2 months ago
Hey everyone! I m starting to create tutorials in After Effects and Cinema 4D. I just uploaded my latest tutorial today and thought I d share it here! You can watch it on YouTube: http:
Tomas Bumbulevičius liked this 2 months ago
Looping Wiggly Selector
by Brandon Johnston 3 months ago
Hi friends, Maybe I'm missing a simple check box or parameter to do this, but I've got a composition with text animators for y position only. I like the randomization I get with the Wiggly Selector bu
Re: Looping Wiggly Selector
by Oleg Pirogov 3 months ago
Due to the logic unknown to me, 2 revolutions of Temporal Phase correspond to 1 sec of wiggle time. Fun fact: the correspondence is slightly inaccurate under non-integer 29.97 fps but exact under inte
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