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I'm a young man on the road of life doing my best to follow Jesus wherever he sends me!
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New Mac Pro for After Effects...
by Patrick Shen 6 years ago
I was wanting to see if anyone had any opinions about the new Mac Pro that was announced by apple. It seems it has a non upgradable AMD video card built into the computer. Do you think the advanced fe
Re: New Mac Pro for After Effects...
by Walter Soyka 6 years ago
Nevin Styre "thunderbolt2 bandwidth is 20Gbps where as PCIe 3.0 x16 is 128Gbps, there are enclosures to make external video cards work, but the high end cards will definitely be bottlenecked by thund
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Full Time Editor or Media Producer Position Wanted
by Brandon Cranor 7 years ago
I am an innovative editor with over 9 years of experience looking for a Full-Time position as an Editor or Media Producer. I am currently located in Springfield, Missouri but am willing to relocate. I
Keying green screen AVCHD footage
by Brock Jolet 8 years ago
Can anyone help me find a solution. I am keying green screen footage shot on an AF-100 and encoded as AVCHD. I have tried both "BCC Chroma Key" and "Keylight" but I am getting jagged edges around the
Re: Keying green screen AVCHD footage
by Brandon Cranor 7 years ago
So is the best thing to up convert footage to ProRes4444 do the edit and then down convert it back to something more manageable -Brandon Mac OS X: 10.6.8 Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro1,
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