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Shift from CS5 on a Mac to PC?
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
I've been running PP CS5 on a Macbook pro, but my editing demands now require a workstation. I'm very reluctant to sink money into a Mac Pro, since the product hasn't had a refresh in years and I have
Re: Shift from CS5 on a Mac to PC?
by Gabriel Sanchez 8 years ago
I ve worked in PP in both, a Mac and a PC, and my impression is that it runs better in a PC. I ve noticed that the program has more effects and transitions in the pc version. I ve noticed too that the
Your New NLE ...
by Franz Bieberkopf 8 years ago
... is all automated, and free! http: via macrumors http: 2012 01 10 ces-2012-swivl-motion-tracking-stand-and-magisto-automated-video-editing-app Franz.
Re: Your New NLE ...
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
If I had releases, I would upload the footage from my recent surgical training show just to see what sort of "highlights" Magisto chooses!
Top Five Regrets of the Dying
by walter biscardi 8 years ago
This article really struck me. It's the top five regrets of the dying as told by a hospice worker. In particular I was struck by the comment about dreams and not following them because of a fear of fa
Re: Top Five Regrets of the Dying
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
Great post, Walter. The article you are referring to is very thought-provoking. Unfortunately, the link in your post leads to a hacked site in Arabic. Don't know if this hacking was to the site itself
Advice Needed on Clip Licensing Fee for National Commercial
by Jd Christie 8 years ago
So, earlier this year I was contacted by a Content Research company that found some of my footage on Vimeo. They were interested in licensing a 2 second clip of my footage for use in a TV Commercial f
Re: Advice Needed on Clip Licensing Fee for National Commercial
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
So what was the determining factor in how much you would pay for a given clip No one factor: Sometimes an ad agency would come to us insisting on a particular clip because they did the search themselv
by tony west 8 years ago
Every time I shoot a press conference these days there is a newspaper set up next to me shooting video. Papers have figured out that many people are too lazy or just don't want to READ the news anymor
Re: News
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
My experience is anecdotal and somewhat limited, I admit. I have not seen the Adobe workflow deployed in a news environment. It sounds like a very compelling solution integrated with InDesign. I have
Goodbye macpro towers...
by Greg Burke 8 years ago
I'm at a apple store and noticed that there was no display on the floor for the Macpro tower. When I asked the apple worker, she informed me that the macpros are no longer on display at any of the app
and Hello Avid or Adobe
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
The EOL of the MacPro towers has been anticipated on this forum for quite some time. Like many folks, I've given up on trying to read Apple's tea leaves and waiting for press releases to announce pres
AVCHD vs. Quicktime/MP4 Encoding?
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
I am trying to choose a camera for one-man shoots where interviews and b-roll have to be shot under less-than-ideal conditions ("run & gun", "backpack journalism"). The primary use here is doing news-
Re: AVCHD vs. Quicktime/MP4 Encoding?
by Noah Kadner 8 years ago
I've personally had zero problems with Panasonic AVCHD SDHC camcorders such as the HMC40 and AC130 160- they are bullet proof. On the other hand I've heard various issues from JVC cameras- sure people
Need camera recommendation for solo ENG shoots
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
Hi Guys, I know this is a corporate video forum: But since there doesn't seem to be a news documentary forum, I figure that corporate shooters probably know the cameras best-suited to one-man-band sho
Re: Need camera recommendation for solo ENG shoots
by Mark Suszko 8 years ago
I have talked to real ENG shooters in the field, I am one, myself, and they really like the JVC-GY-HM700 series. The downside for you is this camera sells at around six grand. You can get a credible E
My Next Move
by Aaron Cadieux 8 years ago
Hello Everyone, I apologize in advance for this long post. As of November 4th, my full-time position is coming to an end. From those of you who have read my past posts, you know it was a rocky situati
Re: My Next Move
by Brad Spinoza 8 years ago
I'm going to respectfully disagree with those who say the full-time job is "more secure" than freelancing. Stability at a car dealership Are you kidding When times get even leaner and the co-op ad dol
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