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Looking at wireless mics for a HVX-200
by Gary Goldblum 11 years ago
Hi, I am looking into a wireless mic set up for a hvx-200. I want a dual channel receiver that can mount on near the camera (battery operated) and 2 transmitters, and 2 mics. I don't need super high e
Re: Looking at wireless mics for a HVX-200
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Thanks for the clarification, Justin. I meant to say that it's not a diversity mic. Instead I said it's not dual-channel.
Cow Magazine Article on the 500
by Steven Ludlow 11 years ago
After reading the article on the HPX500 in my newly arrived issue of Creative Cow Magazine, I am left wondering if there is a compelling reason to still purchase the HVX200A. We are in process of movi
Re: Cow Magazine Article on the 500
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Hi Steven, We have 2 500's and will be adding a 170 as soon as it's available - as you say, primarily for the size. But if size doesn't matter, and you are not dealing with budget limitations, I see n
What the??/\\
by Tim Maloney 11 years ago
OK so I shot a short spot this morning on my HPX 3000. 1050i intra frame 100 25fps shutter1 50. Chose slot 1 for the recordings. Shoot went well replaying takes etc to the client. Thumbnail window ful
Re: P2 Card gone awol
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Have you tried placing the card back in the camera and doing a repair
HPX500 Backfocus HELP!
by Bill Thomas 11 years ago
After about 5 or 6 hours of shooting, I've noticed my backfocus going out and I can't figure out why!! I've searched the web and found various ways to set backfocus and even when I thought it was set
Re: HPX500 Backfocus HELP!
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Bill, First, I would not rely on the LCD screen on the camera for anything more than framing. I would really consider a good on-board monitor, or if you usually shoot in a studio environment, then Ado
HVX-200A vs. the HPX-170
by Peter Matthes 11 years ago
At first glance, it seems to me that the fairly new Panasonic HVX-200A has many of the improvements found on the HPX-170 P2 camera slated to come out in the fall of 2008. The wider angle 13x Leica len
Re: HVX-200A vs. the HPX-170
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
I have 2 HPX500's, and now work within a total tapeless environment, so I have no use for a tape mechanism as in the 200. But I do have a need for a smaller P2 camera. So as Jan points out, the 170 is
Need HPX500 Viewfinder Eyecup
by Steve Mathews 11 years ago
Does anyone have ideas of a place that I can buy replacement parts for an HPX500 We lost the eyecup on the viewfinder of our HPX500 on a recent shoot and I need to buy a new one.
Re: Need HPX500 Viewfinder Eyecup
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
I just had to replace mine as well. I tried the email route, but never got a call back. I found a number from the Panasonic website and ordered from the phone. It was like $45 with shipping.
HPX500 5600 Preset Fix
by David Hudson 11 years ago
Just wondering when the Preset fix that done on Mr. Neals camera was going to made public. Also would like to know if the it's true that the noise level on the 200A is lower then the level on the 500.
Re: HPX500 5600 Preset Fix
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Sorry, I missed this thread, but I am the one that had my camera's 56k problem fixed as the test machines, and I can vouch for the success of the repair. We had 2 500's suffering for the green cast, b
HPX500 or HPX2100
by Goran Myrendal 11 years ago
Hello! I am thinking of invest in a HPX500 but I am not shure it is good enough when it comes to HD. If you compare it to HPX2100, is it a big difference of the quality Goran
Re: HPX500 or HPX2100
by Brad Neal 11 years ago
Unless I'm doing something wrong (which may very well be the case), my biggest complaint with the histogram is that the subject has to be centered in the cross hairs to work properly. I finally gave u
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