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FCPX & Resolve
by Mark Smith 3 weeks ago
I m being led down the path to Resolve having purchased the Resolve gateway drug, BMPC 4K pocket cam. Love the camera, it punches way above it weight picture wise but I m sort of stuck using resolve t
Re: FCPX & Resolve
by Brad Hurley 3 weeks ago
It's easy enough to just import everything into the media pool and make your selects (e.g., subclips) from there. The clone tool (available in the Media page) is a more reliable way than drag-and-drop
Looking for a Great Map Animator
by Ray Sherman 2 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for the best map animator for FCPX. I came across FCPX Maps 1.1 by Pixel Film Studios (below). This appears to be what I'm looking for but, I only could find a couple reviews which sta
Re: Looking for a Great Map Animator
by Brad Hurley 1 month ago
Whoops, actually the instructions for the Mapbox API token are in the Installation tutorial, which is on a different tab on that page.
i need to cut the original clip to 2 parts
by guy atia 1 month ago
please i new in final cut pro i only used the "b" ( blade ) key in the time line to cut clip to 2 parts than delete the second p art than export the clip (part 1 the of original clip) that all i know
Re: i need to cut the original clip to 2 parts
by Joe Marler 1 month ago
Use the "R" key to draw a yellow range box in the timeline for the part you want to export. Then do File Share, etc. and it will only export the portion highlighted by the range box. You can then do t
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New audio connection
by Viktor Kamenick√Ĺ 2 months ago
Hi there realm of windows, happy FCPX user here, but I'm struggling to find out where or who to make a new audio connection. I know, that when you want to make a new connection with a connected clip (
Re: New audio connection
by Brad Hurley 2 months ago
See https: kb PH12538 locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US Works for both audio and video clips. Are you saying you can't get this to work for an audio clip using any of the methods describ
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