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I am a digital media professional specializing in video editing specifically motion graphics through developing and combining video content and 3D graphics.
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May 20th 2012
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Mocha 2.3 - missing Motion Blur
by Nicholas Montgomery 7 years ago
Heyhey I've got an older version of Mocha, I guess (v 2.3.0, installed with CS5.5). Was instructed on how to use motion blur for my mattes when they're animated, however where I was told to find it (u
Re: Mocha 2.3 - missing Motion Blur
by Brad Dugdale 7 years ago
Okay, I figured it out. We are working in Mocha AE and the tutorial is based on Mocha Pro. Turns out Mocha AE doesn't have any of the advanced Mocha Pro features. Here is the comparison. Editor - Moti
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