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Optical flow retiming quality - Resolve vs. Premiere Pro
by Alan Okey 2 months ago
I've recently been grading some shows cut in Premiere Pro that contain a lot of retimed footage. My workflow is fairly standard - I've been exporting an XML from Premiere along with a flattened offlin
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Fixing massive green shift from LED stagelights?
by Boris Dimitrov 1 month ago
Hello everyone, I am working on a multi-camera live concert project. The project was shot on a number of different cameras. On a few of the shot where the stage lighting is a heavily saturated purple,
Re: Fixing massive green shift from LED stagelights?
by Boris Dimitrov 4 weeks ago
Just played around with HSL Secondary some more and also read into how the hue vs hue curve works in DaVinci. From what I am able to work out right now, the HSL Secondary is alot less versatile in sel
How do I create proxies in Premier Pro for Prelude-generated subclips without having identical duplicates?
by Boris Dimitrov 10 months ago
Hi guys, nice to meet ya! My first post here is about a prelude + premier pro with proxies workflow. My current flow is as follows: 1. Ingest & rough cut in Prelude 2. Send subclips to Premier Pro 3.
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