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Editing 4k Project Output to 1080
by Ben Gustafson 2 years ago
Hi all - I'm editing a film shot on the 5d Mark IV in 4k. I started off with a 4k timeline res of 4096x2160. I'd like to "future proof" this project and be able to export a 4k finished product down th
Re: Editing 4k Project Output to 1080
by Bob Smith 2 years ago
Ok we figured out that we can copy the Motion block in the effect controls to paste directly to timeline, I'm sure there's more naivety to come along.
What kind of license should I get?
by Marten Kopp 5 years ago
Recently I started working at a company as a Motion Graphic Designer. Since I am the first person that will create movies and animations they need to get Adobe CC. Because I am looking for the correct
Re: What kind of license should I get?
by Bob Smith 4 years ago
Yes, take it one step at a time, create the relationships at work that will build trust & credibility and then management will trust you have the companies best interests in mind. Go with the individu
PT 10 with Mac 2012 Nehalem
by Bob Smith 5 years ago
Does anyone have any issues or praises for using Pro Tools 10 with Mac 2012 Nehalem or equivalent. We have a 2nd room in dire need of an upgrade and Thunderbolt is overkill! Thanks for any feedback or
Re: PT 10 with Mac 2012 Nehalem
by Ty Ford 5 years ago
Hello Bob and thanks for stopping by the Cow Audio Forum. I have a mid 2010 dual 2.4gHz quad core (And i wish I knew what all that meant) tower running OS X 10.7.5 and 32 GB Ram with PT10. Unless ther
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