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FCP7 exporting to XML
by David Hardberger 1 month ago
I am exporting a 16 minute project to XML. It appears on the desktop as an XML but when I open it, it comes up as a PBEM Game file. Has anyone else had this problem David Hardberger
Re: FCP7 exporting to XML
by Bo Jones 1 month ago
Try this: Select the XML file in finder (so it's highlighted in blue). Then click File (at the top of the screen). In the box that opens, click Get Info. (The shortcut to do all this is pressing Comma
Old Ripple Training Tutorial DVDs Wanted
by Bo Jones 2 months ago
I still use Final Cut Studio for 99% of my music and video editing. The fact that FCP 7 has an audio mixer, while FCP X doesn't, is one of the main reasons, among others. If anyone out there still has
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