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Professional singer/musician/producer/videographer...former Columbia/Def Jam recording artist.......Leader of the ONLY authentic Jimi Hendrix theater show since 1968.
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December 7th 2004
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Sony PVW-2800 & 2650 Betacam Decks For Sale $700
by Jimy Bleu 1 year ago
Sony PVW-2800 Betacam SP VTR & Sony PVW-2650 Betacam SP Deck......BEST OFFER CLOSE TO $700 For Both.........New York City AREAS ONLY Two industry standard Betacam decks in GREAT condition. Purchas
From Mini DV To HD????
by Jimy Bleu 8 years ago
Hello, I recently read on another forum that someone shot a documentary on mini DV tape, editing on FCP & somehow ran the completed footage through his HD camera (he didn't say how he ran it through)
Re: From Mini DV To HD????
by Jerry Hofmann 8 years ago
Gee if we could get the look of HD out of DV by dubbing it wouldn't we all be doing it Best you can do is make a copy of the DV through a Teranex box to an HD tape. http: www.teranex.com Might be able
Drive/QT question
by Jimy Bleu 12 years ago
Hello, I have a WD 1000G drive that I've logged & captured footage in FCP5 on a MAC. I tried to plug the drive into a PC's USB port (the PC does not have a firewire port) but it is not showing up unde
Re: Drive/QT question
by Ben Holmes 12 years ago
Depending on the bitrate of the QTs, they won't play well via USB. Yes, I know USB2 has a faster transfer rate than standard firewire, but it doesn't transfer data in the sustained manner that is requ
Color Correction in FCP
by Jimy Bleu 13 years ago
Hi, How do I access the "Y" waveform in FCP5 (I'm not sure of the term in FCP, in Avid it's called the "Y" waveform). I can somewhat do color correction in FCP w out the waveform using the vector scop
Re: Color Correction in FCP
by glenn chan 13 years ago
In FCP, you can switch the waveform monitor between its two different modes. There is a setting for either "luminance" or "saturation". Luminance should correspond to Y mode, or "low pass" or "lpass"
Changing size of Clip
by Jimy Bleu 13 years ago
Is there any way to lower or raise the size of a clip in a FCP project, rather than wireframe zooming ..........for instance, with a picture file, you can re-size the file in the photo editor. I have
Re: Changing size of Clip
by Jerry Hofmann 13 years ago
There's no way to make a shot which is too tight to loosen up. if you push it back there's no video to fill the screen around it. You can push into a clip, but you can't pull out. If you expand the vi
DVD Playback problems after Authoring
by Jimy Bleu 13 years ago
Hi, I burned a 6 min music video onto DVD from FCP5. The video looks great in FCP5 & the burned DVD will play fine on Apple DVD player, but plays slow & choppy on all standard DVD players. First I bur
Re: DVD Playback problems after Authoring
by Jimy Bleu 13 years ago
Apparently this is a big problem everywhere with DVD's, especially DVD-r's. Lots of machines, even the newer ones, won't play burned DVD's. I often learn things in videography from coming across a pro
No Video on Mac at Start-up
by Jimy Bleu 14 years ago
I'm having trouble with my dual 2G Mac not starting after pressing the start-up button. It usually takes anywhere from 4-8 tries for there to be video in the monitors, even tho' it does boot up & ther
Re: No Video on Mac at Start-up
by Jimy Bleu 14 years ago
Hopefully my successful resolution of this post will help someone else going through the same dilema & believe me, there are MANY as one look through the forums & net will confirm. Even Applecare them
Monitoring FCP project
by Jimy Bleu 14 years ago
I have a Yamaha MG10 2 mixing console that i would like to use to monitor my FCP project through my Event 20 20 analogue speakers. My question is how would I get my speaker's 1 4" jacks into the mixer
Re: Monitoring FCP project
by Bouncing account needs new email address 14 years ago
If a mixer has "monitor out" jacks (yours does not), just buy plugs cables adapters that fit those jacks and match your speakers. If you want to use the mixer's line outputs (yours has 1 4" jacks for
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