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change leading in Marquee
by John McClary 12 years ago
How do you change the leading of text in Marquee All I can find on the web or the Cow are criptic snippets like "if you know the trick" and "when you take the class from Avid..." I've been editing Avi
Re: change leading in Marquee
by Ra-ey Saleh 12 years ago
Leading is controlled by either: Right-Clicking in the Text box and selecting 'Paragraph Editor', then adjusting 'Leading'. Or, ALT+Up Down Arrows.
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AVID changes system audio volume?
by Christopher Travis 7 years ago
Hey, I'm playing some music in a web browser, and when I switch back to AVID, it brings the system volume way down so I can't hear the music anymore. I notice there's a system mute button above the ti
Re: AVID changes system audio volume?
by Blake Hodges 6 years ago
@Michael Phillips Had the same issue and your solution worked for me. Thanks so much! FYI to others: I click on the audio speaker icon in AVID (pictured in the thread) and holding down my click, a lit
FCPX - sound not importing
by Liz Lewis 7 years ago
Hi Guys, Wondering if you can help me. I'm using FCPX. I have a .mov file that plays with sound in Quicktime, but when I import into FCPX, it doesn't import the sound. I have imported other files befo
Re: FCPX - sound not importing
by Blake Hodges 6 years ago
I'm having the same problem as described above. I'm trying to import H264 .MOVs (shot on a 5D), and once the clips are imported and transcoded in FCPX, there is no audio attached to the clips at all.
FCPX P2 importing failure
by Dan Davis 8 years ago
FCPX 10.0.3 is not importing some P2 clips .... all clips play back fine on the camera and even tried to repair clips it said nothing to repair ..... I go from Import from camera open archive select a
Re: FCPX P2 importing failure
by Blake Hodges 7 years ago
Hey all, I've been running in to the same problem importing P2 media. You know what we all have in common This magic number: 720 Now that I have put some thought to it, I remember seeing a post in the
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