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Mountain Lion & FCP7
by Chris Paul 8 years ago
Just upgraded my test machine to Mountain Lion. Final Cut 7 now crashes on startup. More details later. For now, I would not update the OS if you are still using Final Cut 7. Chris Paul POV
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Re: Mountain Lion & FCP7
by Bill Latka 7 years ago
Part of the problem you're experiencing could be (according to the "helpful" folks at Apple tech support) the recent firmware updates that have come with ML. The firmware updates could be working some
What's up with the latest AF-100 firmware update?
by Bill Latka 9 years ago
Is it me or is the Panasonic site lacking in info re the AF-100 update Anyone applied it yet What's the latest - and is it worth doing -- Bill Latka Rivet Entertainment Building awareness. Building ch
Re: What's up with the latest AF-100 firmware update?
by Bill Latka 9 years ago
I got this information back from Panasonic: The latest firmware version 1.16 brings compatibility with the following Micro 4 3 lenses that are newly available in the market. Panasonic recommends you t
AF100 Clunky Sound
by Gary Badgley 9 years ago
Hi, when I turned on my camera all I got was a black screen. At the same time I heard a clear clunky sound. I eventually, got it to work again. Not sure if the black balance I did, or turning it off a
Re: AF100 Clunky Sound
by Bill Latka 9 years ago
When switched on, the camera also fires up the lens (depending upon if you have a lens and mount that can be controlled by the camera), so there is a little noise there. -- Bill Latka Rivet Entertainm
Sloppy Mount
by Will Hommeyer 9 years ago
I'm thinking about getting an AF100. The price is right and it will allow me to use prime lenses. Not crazy bout the codex but I will probably output to an AJA or nanoFlash recorder much of the time.
Re: Sloppy Mount
by Bill Latka 9 years ago
We use a Lumix DMW-MA1 adapter with our Olympus Zuiko zooms on the AF-100 and it's rock solid. Never an issue. Heavier lenses, like our 35-100 have to be supported, though. -- Bill Latka Rivet Enterta
AAC audio issues in AME
by Bill Latka 10 years ago
We are using Adobe Media Encoder CS5 to export .F4V files, but are having a heck of a time getting the audio right. When using all flavors of AAC (tried all bitrates, AAC+ versions 1 & 2) we are getti
Re: AAC audio issues in AME
by Jack Gladney 8 years ago
I've been struggling with exactly this same issue -- encoding f4v from AME cs5 (and 5.5) and getting a subtle echo or vibrato on the audio track. My source video is ProRes, and I've tried multiple aud
DVC Pro HD to Apple Pro Res
by Sam Pope 10 years ago
I have a bunch of footage shot in DVC Pro HD on the Panasonic HVX 200. I would like to to use Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) as an intermediate codec and I have two questions: 1) Is this even something that I
Re: DVC Pro HD to Apple Pro Res
by Bill Latka 10 years ago
So taking Sam's original question one step farther - What if you need to add some HDV and other source material to the mix We're about to start the edit of a TV show project with: 75% of the footage i
Need to digitize an XL H1 tape
by Bill Latka 12 years ago
I have a 40 minute interview on a tape shot on an XL H1 that i need digitized via FCP HDV. Can also be done of course from an HV10, HV20 or HV30. I'm in Los Angeles - can you help My camera is in tran
Need to digitize an XL H1 tape - $20
by Bill Latka 12 years ago
I have a 40 minute interview shot on Canon XL H1 that i need to digitize to HDV Final Cut. Can use that camera or a Canon HV10 or HV20. Can you help Westside of LA. I have $20 for this easy gig. Call
Mr Sharaf...
by Steve Wargo 13 years ago
John Just saw your name on the credits for the Lance Armstrong Discovery program. Fill us in.Steve Wargo Tempe, Arizona It's a dry heat!
Re: Mr Sharaf...
by Bill Latka 13 years ago
Hey, John: Thanks again for your great help on The Science of Lance Armstrong. I produced the show and can vouch for everything you said - the interviews looked gorgeous and your tech skills on the Ru
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