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¿Te preguntas cómo puedes usar AutoTune PRO en español para que tus voces suenen como las profesionales? Sigue observando para averiguarlo.

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September 15th 2019
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Changing RGB to CMYK color problem
by Ehsan Shabani 1 year ago
Hi. Recently I downloaded a vector file from "freepik" to use in Illustrator and it's going to be printed so the document needs to be in CMYK color mode. As I change the document color mode to CMYK it
Re: Changing RGB to CMYK color problem
by Carla Gaviria 1 year ago
It's common to have color issues when changeing the mode from RGB to CMYK. You should try to adjust the colors and make them a little bit brightier. Also would be nice if you tell with your logo the p
How to vectorize properly a logo?
by Carla Gaviria 1 year ago
Hi there! I have being having issues at the time of vectorize a logo im trying to design. Im not being able to join all the layers and getting the image in svg format. Any help
Audio interface recommendations
by Jeff LeVesque 1 year ago
I'm looking for advice on audio interfaces. I'm putting together two DAWs. One will be strictly for multi-tracking audio. The other will be an editing machine (both audio and video.) My budget for two
Re: Audio interface recommendations
by Carla Gaviria 1 year ago
I maybe missunderstood, but, if you are looking for some audio editing software, you can maybe try audacity pro. It's free in all its versions, and has a lot of compatibilities with all the free plugi
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