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December 29th 2008
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Nelson Fernandes
Ashutosh jha 3 years ago
For freelance Graphic design Work
3D motion tracking
by UserCantRead_Closed_Account 12 years ago
so lets say i've got this shot, and the camera moves around and all, and i want to add some text but i want the text to look like its floating in the shot, as though it was actually there, i just cant
Re: 3D motion tracking
by Ashutosh jha 10 years ago
You can also try Boujou or Pftrack . Both are outstanding 3D Motion tracker systems.
Editing Reel Help
by Tyler Groom 11 years ago
I want to make an editing reel, but I don't really know how to start. I am somewhat of a cameraman, but I want to focus on editing and I don't know what footage I should use or where I should get that
Re: Editing Reel Help
by Ashutosh jha 11 years ago
May be this site helps you http:
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