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I am Ashah Peters, a professional gaming entertainer and creative educator.
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May 19th 2014
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Text with Bullet Holes
by Ashah Peters 4 years ago
Hey, there! I was wondering if anyone knew how I could create text in Photoshop, and make it look like it was shot with a gun. I don't want any third party program requirements, if possible.
Re: Text with Bullet Holes
by Leo Max 4 years ago
You can find simple bullet hole video tutorials at: https: watch v=rhCjndF_bLw and https: watch v=ZN5iIcaLqc0 Hope i can help. Love yourself!
TUTORIAL - Fire Simulation
by Ashah Peters 5 years ago
Hey, everybody! I made a quick tutorial on how to simulate a fireball inside of After Effects! If people could go check it out and give it a like and comment your opinions and some feedback, that'd be
by Ashah Peters 6 years ago
What form of coding or whatever are plugins like Trapcode, Element 3D etc. made in
Re: Plugins
by Todd Kopriva 6 years ago
http: devnet aftereffects.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated After Ef
Walking on water in AE?
by Neeti Fidurko 6 years ago
I've been trying to brainstorm how to successfully show a person walking on water using a green screen. Any suggestions I'd like it to look as real as possible, with water splashing as their feet move
Re: Walking on water in AE?
by Ashah Peters 6 years ago
I haven't actually tried this but I think you can use Trapcode Form to create a water looking effect in 3D space, followed by masking a some other adjustment layers to make it look like they're walkin
Making Plugins
by Ashah Peters 6 years ago
I have a series of effects on an adjustment layer with expressions and stuff to make it controllable for making my own RGB Twitch effect, I need to make 3 adjustment layers and change a setting on eac
Re: Making Plugins
by Walter Soyka 6 years ago
Though you have a few options for how to set this up, I'd suggest that you put all the controls on a single layer; use the pickwhip to link back to this one controller layer. You can set the rest of t
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