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Basic Question
by Armin Reiss 3 years ago
Playing around with Fusion and i like it more and more.... but ..... how can i animate a text position I can animate size, angle .... but i cant find fields where i can input position (XY) and animate
Re: Basic Question
by Simon Ubsdell 3 years ago
Go to the Layout tab for the Text and adjust the XY Center. Simon Ubsdell tokyo productions hawaiki
BMD PCI Card(s) Grading Monitor calibration Spyder
by Armin Reiss 4 years ago
Hi, i got a BMD PCI Card to be able to grade in fullscreen. Mac OSX 10.10.5 I bought the DeckLink Mini Monitor. Worked right out of the box. Resolve, Premiere etc. But unfortunatelly BM quit the possi
Re: BMD PCI Card(s) Grading Monitor calibration Spyder
by Dan Powers 6 months ago
Exactly my frustration as well. Looking for the answer to this since Extend Desktop is now gone. How are people calibrating external SDI monitors
Premiere CC and Metadata
by Armin Reiss 6 years ago
Hi, i try to find a workflow to add metadata. basically i want sort files in project manager by the creation date. as i found out, *.mts files did not contain this information better premiere did not
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