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My name is Antony Berrios and I'm an accomplished creative editor with 15-years of experience as a writer, producer, filmmaker, and creative director and editor in film, television and internet.
He has written and edited shows for SPEED TV, ESPN and... [more]
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August 4th 2009
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Los Angeles, Pasadena
Service: The Alley
by Antony Berrios 6 years ago
Los Angeles California, United States Post Production The Alley Editing The Alley is unique and stands away from all the mainstay bureaucracy and cold and stand offish treatment that plagues this mark
Video: Dennis Hopper Film Festival Promo
by Antony Berrios 6 years ago
Dennis Hopper Film Festival Promo I produced the promo in 2004. Great to have had the chance to work with him. watch commercial
Video: Down The Highway Keith Morris Promo
by Antony Berrios 6 years ago
Down The Highway Keith Morris Promo Down The Highway Show Promo Featuring Keith Morris watch trailer
Video: Antony Berrios Edit Reel
by Antony Berrios 8 years ago
Antony Berrios Edit Reel Antony Berrios is a highly experienced editor with over 13 years of experience cutting everything from reality based shows to music driven fast paced MTV style shows. He has w
Ronald Lindeboom liked this 8 years ago
Great work!
by Tim Wilson 8 years ago
I really enjoyed this, Anthony! Very diverse, all of it compelling. Thanks for passing this along. Note that there are additional sections here for shorts, music videos, etc. Feel free to add movies t
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