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September 11th 2013
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getting up to speed on Lustre?
by Sean Sartori 4 years ago
Hi, I primarily grade on Resolve but recently I got a request for Lustre. It seems a bit difficult to get trained, as its part of Flame and there are either youtube videos or the training center in LA
Re: getting up to speed on Lustre?
by Anthony Harris 4 years ago
I will say though, they couldn't distort the market if the tool was garbage. They distort the market because it's possible to get high quality results for a comparatively low price. ------------------
online vs. offline editing
by Kyle Troxell 12 years ago
What's the difference Is one better over the other I've heard people saying they do their offline edit first and then their online edits. Does that make it go faster How do you start and offline edit
Re: online vs. offline editing
by Sean ONeil 12 years ago
Sycophant, I GUARANTEE you that he isn't going to read your post. His self-proclaimed A.D.D. wouldn't allow it :).
Anthony Harris liked this 5 years ago
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