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AJA or "AJAH" Pronounciation
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
I know stupid question but I want to settle the score with a professor Is it pronounced A.J.A. letter per letter or "AJAH" as I have often heard it called Either way I love that little lunch box. Than
Re: AJA or "AJAH" Pronounciation
by Chris Poisson 11 years ago
I had to believe the Steely Dan comment would come into this thread, but I have asked this question before and it semes the letters are how you pronounce AJA. But, great album eh Have a wonderful day.
Seacam to NTSC
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
I just received a bunch of tapes from Russia that play in my Sony deck but do not capture in FCP thru firewire. ( Audio work but video does not) Since I have no idea what camera setting or format it w
Re: Seacam to NTSC
by maurice jansen 11 years ago
what kind of tape's are they. secam is a composite norm. if this is used on your tape. let them be dubbed by a company owning a Secam decoder to the standard you need. yes your stuff wil go through a
TV Safe White?
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
I shoot events often with white place cards in front of a panel. The cards are framed out most of the time but when they get in the shot they are blown out. To make matters worse the place cards are s
Re: TV Safe White?
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
Uh thanks for the rather thorough answers. The TV safe white I have found is a Neutral gray or Dove Grey. They just needed to be on the lightest side of the ten shades of gray that video produces. The
EX-3 vs new Panasonic AG-HPX300
by David Battle 11 years ago
Any thoughts on which one is the better product Also Is the EX-3 tru 4:2:2. Only reason I ask is because on the Sony product detail sheet it says 4:2:0 but maybe that's just an HDV option Personally I
Re: EX-3 vs new Panasonic AG-HPX300
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
I have always liked the Panasonic line up from an operators stand point but after a side by side comparison there was no contest the EX-3 cmos technology wins hands down. The image was crisper, it rea
Importing DVD to Final Cut
by Annu Lilja 12 years ago
Hi! How do I import material from a DVD to Final Cut so I can edit it Thanks! Annu
Re: Importing DVD to Final Cut - answered at least once a week
by Anthony Fennell 11 years ago
Thanks for the info you listed Mpeg Stream Clip works great ! No more real time encoding and its good enough for Govt work LOL
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