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I'd like to share my knowledge with the world and also learn, learn, learn!
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January 24th 2009
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Russian Federation
Motion Graphic Designer | Full Time | Freelance
by Ann Talipova 6 years ago
Hello! My name is Ann Levshina. I'm a motion and graphic designer based in Moscow, Russia. I'm working in the television industry as a motiongrapher, editor and director since 2004. During all this ye
Generate random flares
by Eric Jordan 10 years ago
Looking to reproduce the lighting technique used in the newest Star Trek film, where there appears to be multiple light sources creating random flares of light across the camera's field of view. Can a
Re: Generate random flares
by Ann Talipova 10 years ago
Hi! Eric I don't know if it could help you, but I've got one suggestion about your question. Here it is. Create a composition with one black solid layer. Then apply to it a Lens Flare effect. Animate
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