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P2 Card Recovery
by Ania Ejsmont 6 years ago
Hi Guys I need to recover P2 card that has been formatted inside the camcorder. Any clues Please help!
Re: P2 Card Recovery
by Steve Eisen 6 years ago
You will have to send the card to Panasonic for recovery. Steve Eisen Eisen Video Productions Vice President Chicago Creative Pro Users Group
assistant editor's question
by Ania Ejsmont 6 years ago
Hi Guys, I am an assistant editor from Europe, and I want to move to US. Where should I look for some job opportunities Are there any websites, forums, groups you reccomend I work in FCP 7, FCP X and
Re: assistant editor's question
by Shane Ross 6 years ago
Where do you plan to move to Best opportunities for assistant editors is NY and LA...more in LA than NY. Places to look are, by networking and befriending editors. And yo
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