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Angie Taylor is an industry-leading After Effects expert. she is also an accomplished animator, compositor, and motion graphic artist. With an eclectic career that includes past stints as a DJ, prop maker, and cartoonist, today, Taylor continues to w... [more]
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Re: End line points following different layers
by Dave LaRonde 6 years ago
If you change the layers' anchor points to the spots where you want the line to begin and end, you can use the Beam effect and pick-whip the effects start and stop coordinates to each layer's position
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Re: 3d layers with 2d background
by Todd Kopriva 6 years ago
What happens when you view through the Active Camera view instead of the Front view --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Kopri
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Re: distance map animation
by Dave LaRonde 6 years ago
Well, you're in luck. Angie Taylor, a true AE whiz and veteran of the application, and whose picture you see at the top of this forum, has created a tutorial on this very subject: http: www.angietaylo
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Re: Skip frames :1
by Paul Wright 7 years ago
Hi, there. I tried posterize but I think i might not have been setting it up right. It just looked a little nasty. This is the result I got with nest the comp in another comp with a slower frame rate
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