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DigiBeta and Final Cut Pro
by andrew Varm 14 years ago
1st Post Hi All, Question: I've been editing with Final Cut Pro and the DVCAM format for many years now but I have been asked about producing broadcast quality video on DigiBeta for a SKY Channel. I'm
Re: DigiBeta and Final Cut Pro
by AndyW69 14 years ago
I have done and a lot of others will have done, which is to produce a dvcam master and have it transferred to digibeta. The sky channels will probably be fine with that if you are shooting on DV (not
Broadcasting best format
by FEDODEDOmedo 14 years ago
Hi all, can i know what is the best video format for broadcasting In fact i am using MPEG2, but a lot of my clients ask me to use AVI (DV PAL). So can any body help me please
Re: Broadcasting best format
by AndyW69 14 years ago
What do you shoot and edit on If its dvcam or dv the best quality will definately be a dv avi, does your broadcast go directly to air, if so a high quality mpeg2 should also be fine. Andy
DSR-570 Triax Question
by kaptivate_ag 14 years ago
The only realy reason i'm interested in trying out something like this is for a particular gig we have coming up its going to be cost prohibitive to hire more VTR's for ISO records. I have a few DSR-5
Re: DSR-570 Triax Question
by AndyW69 14 years ago
Hi, the 570 works with ccu m5 or m7 on a 26 pin cable, fully linkable for return and tally, comms would need an additional board in the camera Andy
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