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Producer + Editor +Writer +Director + Animator = PREDITOR

I'm a "One stop shop" for high end logos and animated videos.

I'm an Emmy nominated producer, Telly winning editor/animator, created 43 episodes of "Epic How To" with over 40 million views online.
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July 10th 2013
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Greater Los Angeles Area
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Developing and packaging comedy concepts for television and new media.

Directing, animating for comedy.
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A comedy writer, director, animator, visual effects artist, editor and developer for television and new media, especially specializing in green screen filmmaking and after effects.

I believe if you want to be successful in the entertainment industry today, you have to wear many hats and be essentially a \"Jack of all trades\". I also believe that it\'s more important to stand out than to blend in, and I believe that I have created a style that stands out because of the amount of hats I wear, by blending high end visual effects with comedy. I am also a life long learner, always in search of a new animation technique to be more productive, or to tell a new joke.

Creator of the Telly award winning 3DTV Comedy series \"SON OF A PITCH\", writing, directing and starring in all 24 episodes. Popular episodes include: \"The Cove 2: Dolphins Revenge\" , \"Touchdown University\", \"SEE\" (The prequel to \'SAW\'), \"Swedish Treasure Hunting Sisters\" and \"Bear Force One\".

\"Bear Force One\" was extended into a TV pilot/short film that played in over 20 film festivals around the world, winning 7 festivals including Best of the Fest Grand Prize at LA Comedy Shorts and the Chicago Comedy Film Festival.

Developing/pitching projects for television/new media with high quality graphic design, visual fx.

Fluent in After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Element 3D, Trapcode Suite and extensive green screen experience.
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