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Whoa. In/Out Duration 6 Frames Off?
by Andrew Traweek 8 years ago
I recently downloaded the Premiere Pro CS6 trial and loved it so much that I decided to ditch FCP7 altogether. Except... Center duration is waaaaay wrong. I set my in-point. I need an out exactly one
Re: Whoa. In/Out Duration 6 Frames Off?
by Andrew Traweek 8 years ago
DERP. Doing this as long as I have and missing the fact that I only have 23 frames per second is slightly embarrassing. I've been 29.97 for as long as I can remember. ID10T error. Feel free to recount
Merging HDR Video
by Andrew Traweek 8 years ago
I've been shooting a lot of nature lately, and decided that I want to give HDR video a whirl. I've been thinking about the workflow and wanted to know how others would approach this. 1. Since HDR vide
Re: Merging HDR Video
by Andrew Traweek 8 years ago
From what I understand, Magic Lantern only needs two exposures; one for shadow, and one for highlights. I'm pretty sure it interlaces the footage to achieve this. I may not even need to shoot 60fps if
Canon 60D
by Chris Mahoney 8 years ago
Hi guys, I have a small problem. I shoot video on my 60D and on some shots where I am in very bright sunlight, I have been using my variable ND filter to assist in keeping my 135mmL lens wide open at
Re: Canon 60D
by Andrew Traweek 8 years ago
I'm on the T3i, and I run into this problem all the time when I use my 50mm 1.8. I also get some weird lighter, hazier spots in the middle of the frame when I don't strictly control the light entering
Bad Chroma Key Render on Exports?
by Andrew Traweek 10 years ago
I've noticed recently that a seemingly good chroma key in my Final Cut timeline and even the broadcast exports gets real nasty when exporting to H.264 or WMV for client screeners. What I'll see in the
Me to!
by John Jones 10 years ago
Happened to me as well. I get a good chroma key on my preview but when you play the movie the key is bad. All items were in prores so it could not be the codec. This was very frustrating since everyth
Velocity to Avid Online?
by Andrew Traweek 12 years ago
Anyone know how to best go about moving a Velocity project to Avid for online I'm on the Digibeta trail for graphics, and an EDL for vid aud. Is that a dead end
Re: Velocity to Avid Online?
by grinner hester 12 years ago
a CMX3600 edl otta be fine. Just watch those reel names to make sure they don't have too many characters. no more than 4 audio tracks, no filters or plugins or other than smpte wipes, ect. Your graphi
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