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Alex Udell
Custom workspace in FCPX
by Andrew Johnstone 2 years ago
Chums, I have resisted FCPX for as long as has been humanly possible, but now that BBC are rolling it out across the regions, I have no choice. I am stuck on several points, but one of the most irrita
Re: Custom workspace in FCPX
by Andrew Johnstone 2 years ago
Ronny, Thanks for your kind offer of help. I actually had a one hour one to one session with Jas one of the BBC trainers who was down from Brum in Plymouth yesterday and it was very useful. I have iro
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Graphics problem after Yosemite upgrade
by Paul Jones 5 years ago
I was wondering if anyone is experiencing graphics crashing after upgrading to Yosemite. It seems to be particularly bad on Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Exactly the same is happening on my iMac and Mac
Re: Graphics problem after Yosemite upgrade
by Andrew Johnstone 5 years ago
OK so this is not helpful...but my rule of thumb, having been caught out a few times with Apple OS upgrades is..."Don't upgrade unless you really have to!" I lost Photoshop for years when I did one sy
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HPX250 Backfocus Issue?
by Heather Brown 8 years ago
Just received my Panasonic HPX250 camera today from a very reputable supplier in New York City, but it looks like my camera has a backfocus issue right out of the box. Wondering if anyone else has thi
Re: HPX250 Backfocus Issue?
by Andrew Johnstone 8 years ago
After some careful consideration, I ended up with the Panasonic HPX250 and I have to say I am very pleased with it. The images are excellent and the AVC-Intra 100 codec is important if, like me, you n
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