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Mac OS X Mobile Account Logging Out On Its Own
by Andrew Cannizzaro 7 years ago
Hello Creative Cow community! At my office my iMac has a mobile account and every so often it logs out of itself for no apparent reason. This morning it logged out three times after I opened Final Cut
Re: Mac OS X Mobile Account Logging Out On Its Own
by Jeff Greenberg 7 years ago
Under Security and Privacy in the user, under the Advanced button, you have the ability to logout a user after X minutes of inactivity. Perhaps this is on Best, Jeff I. Greenberg Author Master Instruc
Using DVD Media Online
by Andrew Cannizzaro 8 years ago
For a project I'm working on I've been asked to find a way for a client to basically play a DVD with menus via the internet. Is there any way to create a DVD with different chapters and then have some
Re: Using DVD Media Online
by eric pautsch 8 years ago
Ive been using a Slingbox for years for this purpose. Allows your client to log on and control your DVD Player with full functionality. I have clients log on with their iPhones and proof their titles.
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