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Media will not reconnect
by Alison Rose 3 years ago
I am a writer, director away from the office to screen footage and write. The editor sent me with the FCP 7.0.3 project files and all the offline media and I am not able to reconnect the media, and th
Re: Media will not reconnect
by Alison Rose 3 years ago
Hi Bouke, Thanks for this suggestion. I will update the thread as I make progress, and let you know how it goes. Cheers, Alison
by Tancredi Capucci 3 years ago
Has anyone attempted successfully launched FCP7 in Sierra I'm really worried and not sure at all if to update from Cap to Sierra... Mooch love T Go Cows!
Re: Sierra??
by Alison Rose 3 years ago
Hi - A good friend just upgraded my OS to Sierra without realizing that this might be a problem for my work, and I had no idea. Almost none of my FCP 7.0.3 media will reconnect.......Can you advise a
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