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Ctrl+z issue
by Alireza Bidar 4 years ago
Hi, My project is due pretty soon and I am having an issue in Ae! when I use Ctrl+Z, the screen does not update the undo and it still shows the visuals before the ctrl+z. I tried purging it! It does n
Re: Ctrl+z issue
by Alireza Bidar 4 years ago
Thanks for your reply, but I have done restarting my machine. Also, I have already checked my RAM and Graphic Card. No issue with them.
Transforming Animation
by Alireza Bidar 8 years ago
Hi Guys I am wondering if anyone can help me on my current project.Basically its two interior scenes(A and B) with same plan but different furnitures.So as camera start to animate furnitures in scene
8bit style look in 3ds max
by Alireza Bidar 9 years ago
Hi Guys I am trying to get 8bit look style in 3ds max.Something like this : http: 2010 04 amaz...bicle-for-maya But unfortunately its only for Maya. I have tried using particle system
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