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AudioSuite is refusing to work!
by Brittany Bekiaris 5 years ago
Hey, I'm relatively new to AVID, and I have done pretty well troubleshooting most of my issues, but this one has me stumped. I am going through the Media Composer Editing Essentials lessons and this i
Re: AudioSuite is refusing to work!
by Alexander Vittorio Papsch 1 year ago
Hi! I had the same problem. It has to do with your external HDD! If you are working on Mac and you are using Paragon for beeing able to write on Windows NT HDDs then you have this avid audio suite iss
sample rate
by Alexander Vittorio Papsch 9 years ago
Hello! I want to import the external sound to a video clip. Project setting 48KHz. After import the 44.1KHz- audio the sound is not running synchron even if the buttons for "sample rate convert source
Re: sample rate
by Job ter Burg 9 years ago
Uncheck every box in the import window and import the 44.1K track(s). Select the resulting clip, and right-click, then choose "Change Sample Rate", choose Highest Quality, choose to delete the origina
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