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I am an editor currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Born in the UK, I got into the post production industry at a young age. First starting off as a Visual Effects artist for a company based in Nottingham, England. After working on two feature length... [more]
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November 21st 2011
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5D Mk3 With Atomos Samurai Blade
by Alex Marshall 6 years ago
So I have recently got my hands on an Atomos Samurai Blade and have hooked it up to my Canon 5D Mk3. The 5D Mk3 is running firmware v1.2.1 and is therefor outputting a clean YCbCr 4:2:2 8-bit signal.
Re: 5D Mk3 With Atomos Samurai Blade
by Warren Eig 6 years ago
I'd go with ProRes422. You don't need the HQ. HQ is generally intended to bemused if working beyond 1920x1080. Warren Eig O 310-470-0905 email: website: http: www.babyboomp
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