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Quick way to Label clips?
by Alex Kuzelicki 5 years ago
Hi, Sometimes I like to label clips with a colour, eg. good takes, but I find the process of right-clicking, choosing Label and then choosing the colour I want to be a bit laborious if I'm doing it al
Found it!
by Alex Kuzelicki 5 years ago
Hey Dennis, Just in case anyone's interested. In the Keyboard Shortcuts Edit Label menu you can assign shortcuts to the different colors, and they will apply in both the Project window and on the Time
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Clip Label Shortcut?
by Nathan Luppino 8 years ago
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew a shortcut to change a clip's color label in the Project Window. I know I can go to Edit Label (Color), but that's two clicks. I yearn for more efficiency. nate
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Re: Clip Label Shortcut?
by Alex Kuzelicki 5 years ago
Hey, I know your post is years old but I was trying to do the same thing, label clips as a color with a single shortcut, but I can't find any options to do that in the Keyboard Shortcuts in PPro CC 20
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Exact Placement of a Layer Map
by Alex Kuzelicki 11 years ago
Hi there, I'm very much a novice at 3D Invigorator Pro and would love some advice from the experts out there. Basically I would just like to know how I can exactly place a Layer Map to fit within an I
Re: Exact Placement of a Layer Map
by Alex Kuzelicki 11 years ago
Hey Edward, Thanks so much for that info. Has helped me immensely! Like a kid getting a new toy :) I followed your procedure and got the best results I ever have. The placement was still just a touch
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