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Adobe Illustrator CS6 can’t open .ai file
by Luca Phillips 1 year ago
On Windows 8.1 I had installed Adobe CS6 Master Collection and updated all Adobe products to latest versions within CS6. I had created a business card using Adobe Illustrator. All went fine and I had
Re: Adobe Illustrator CS6 can’t open .ai file
by Alex Krenvalk 1 year ago
You may apply some easy steps 1) Open the preferences file and look for the entry named "enableContentRecovery", change the value from 0 to 1. This turns on the feature. 2) Launch Illustrator and choo
corrupt .mdb (database) file
by Dave Stalker 9 years ago
We are editing on MC2.6 on HP XW8400 Workstations w 3GB Ram, Windows XP Pro 2002, Intel Xeon CPU 5150 @2.66GHz. Clips on the timeline have started to disappear after an export process crashes and when
Re: corrupt .mdb (database) file
by Alex Krenvalk 8 years ago
For working out present condition you may use recovery for access. It has many various features such as working under all popular Windows OS, using modern methods of recovering mdb data. The tool does
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