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I love to study SEO, Computer, Video Production/post production, technology, and I workout a ton
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April 15th 2014
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Image glitch/error effect
by Tommi Hakanen 5 years ago
Hey guys, Any suggestions how to emulate a video glitch like the one I've attached a photo of It is one of those lingering image errors you occasionally get with VLC, at least I sometimes do. Would be
Re: Image glitch/error effect
by Alex Harris 5 years ago
This is called data moshing, I have done this a few times for an effect, there are tons of presets on that can save you time, but I use a warp, a wiggle, and a blind effect to make it lo
Quicktime Not Displaying in AE
by sean lloyd 5 years ago
This is the strangest problem, I have had in AE. I am using Primatte Keyer to key a greenscreen as an element in a composition. I used it with identical footage before, (shot with the same camera, tra
Re: Quicktime Not Displaying in AE
by Alex Harris 5 years ago
Idea: Downgrade Quicktime Long explanation: I have a PC and a Mac, and sometimes when Quicktime would update itself for whatever reason I couldn't work with Quicktime files in After Effects or export
Setting Up The Canon C100 & Atomos Ninja 2
by Erik Naso 6 years ago
I did a quick setup guide for the Ninja 2 when using it with the C100. Hope this helps get you up and running faster. http: 2013 07 06 setting-up-the-canon-c100-atomos-ninja-2 Blog http:
Re: Setting Up The Canon C100 & Atomos Ninja 2
by Alex Harris 5 years ago
Erik: I would like to see this too that sounds like an interesting setup. I don't own a c100 but I often wonder how I would use the same setup myself if I were to buy one. Hopefully this month I can f
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