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restricted area for random layers
by Christian Buettner 12 years ago
Hi again ... I use this expression for random layer movement at intervals: x = 10; f = thisComp.frameDuration * x; posterizeTime(1 f);frames random(); minPos = 0,0 ; maxPos = thisComp.width, thisComp.
Re: restricted area for random layers
by Alex English 12 years ago
The following worked for me. Just set the windowpercent variable to whatever percentage of the area of the comp you want to block out in the center. So, say you need a window in the center that is 20%
Simple Expression Request
by Lauren Roundy 12 years ago
At least, I assume it's simple. I need to show different colored balls passing from left to right and back and forth in my 864x480 comp until they eventually rest in the middle. As they are on the lef
Re: Simple Expression Request
by Alex English 12 years ago
I found that you can also access the position of the parent layer directly. Using parent.transform.position will get you the position of the parent layer. Using this as your position would let you cha
variable minimum value
by Paul Evans 12 years ago
Hi every body, I have a good knowledge of AF but none of expressions. :( My problem is needed to know how to assign a minimum value to a variable (I think). I am using "Jerzy Drozda Jr : Using Express
Re: variable minimum value
by Alex English 12 years ago
I know you have this solved already, but I thought I'd post this for others who happen by. Since the data you're working with is from 0 to 100, if you use Math.max(value, 15), you're losing 15% of you
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