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joining or pickwhipping objects?
by Kevin Olmsted 6 months ago
Hello all, I have a 3D model of a bank vault. It has a large circular door and one of those "two-part" hinges... one hinge connected to the wall and the other side connected to the door. The door, hin
Re: joining or pickwhipping objects?
by Alex Dow 5 months ago
Hi Kevin, What Zaxwerks product are you using Whichever plug-in you use, all of these objects will need to be inside the same instance of the plug-in. 3D Invigorator PRO uses object sets and 3D ProAni
New computer for Zaxwerks
by Les Stella 6 months ago
Pretty new to this. Can anyone suggest a computer capable of running Proanimator easily for around $1500 Even if you just list the needed specs and or a good place to buy - Thank you
Re: New computer for Zaxwerks
by Alex Dow 5 months ago
Hi Les, Here are the compatible systems: Macintosh Intel Mac Only Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 After Effects CS6 - CC2017 Graphics Cards: - Nvidia GeForce GTX 6
by Shan DuMond 6 years ago
When I go to the renderer in the stand alone Proanimator and render the movie, when it gets to the end it states: Unable to flatten temp file(-43) Resulting movie probably exists in: and then gives th
Re: renderer
by Alex Dow 11 months ago
Hey Neftali, When you say nothing works what does that mean Do you see an error message when you render Does the program run at all for you Cheers, Alex Dow Zaxweks Tech Support
Zaxwerks Pro Animator
by Wreaford Ray 1 year ago
Is there a way to revolve one object around another I have tried to revolve text around a sphere but cannot do it.
Re: Zaxwerks Pro Animator
by Alex Dow 11 months ago
Hi Wreaford, You can revolve text around a sphere, by following these steps: 1. Create the sphere and text and make sure they are on the same track 2. Select the text and in the "Object Controls" pane
tutorial videos
by James Bechdel 1 year ago
is there a way for me to download the tutorial videos Thanks "Perhaps there is only one person's voice lacking for peace to come to the world" Kurt Kauter, "The Caribou", New Fables, Thus Spoke
Re: tutorial videos
by Alex Dow 1 year ago
Hey James, Unfortunately there's not a way for you to download the tutorial videos from our site. However, you can use a site like http: to download the youtube videos. Cheers, Al
Invigorator Pro constantly crashing in Creative Cloud 2015
by Cliff Wallace 2 years ago
Ever since I upgraded to CC2015 and the latest cut of Invigorator Pro, I am getting constant crashes when I close out of the Invig Pro project window to go back to After Effects. It seems to be happen
Re: Invigorator Pro constantly crashing in Creative Cloud 2015
by Alex Dow 2 years ago
Hi Cliff, Thanks for the info. What specific steps are you doing when the program crashes Are you just simply applying the plug-in and it crashes Thanks, Alex Dow Tech Support Customer Service Zaxweks
Need updated transparency map tutorial.
by Don Hartsell 2 years ago
Hello There! I'm trying to follow this tutorial by Jon Okerstrom: https: articles okerstrom_jon crown.php I can get most of the way through and have the basic round crown shape
Re: Need updated transparency map tutorial.
by Alex Dow 2 years ago
Hi Don, No problem at all. The bottom black rim is just a rectangle that I drew at the bottom of the crown in the Object Drawing panel. In the resource files that you can download with this tutorial i
Format Tools
by Richard Hite 2 years ago
Are there any tools to format a 3D Proanimator model to work with 3D Invigorator Photoshop Plugin. Or save a model so that you can import it into 3D Invigorator Also are their any 3rd party medal styl
Re: Format Tools
by Alex Dow 2 years ago
Hi Richard, When exporting a model from 3D ProAnimator make sure to export it with the .zxo format. This is the Zaxwerks specific format that will keep material, bevel, and object data. Then when you
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