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Transferring Compressor Setting from FCS 2 to FCP 7
by Alex D'Eath 9 years ago
Simple question. Is it possible transfer my custom settings from my old computer running FCS2 to the new version of Compressor included with FCP7. I have tried adding them to the user library applicat
My New MacPro Configs, What Say You
by Alex D'Eath 9 years ago
Good Morning Fellow Final Cut Experts, We have decided after adding a large amount of storage space in the form of Several CalDigit RAIDS that it is time to upgrade our 2006 era MacPro. We simply don;
Re: My New MacPro Configs, What Say You
by Andrew Golden 9 years ago
Hey Alex, Your configuration looks pretty good. My only observation suggestions surrounds your graphics card choice. Are you doing a lot of work in Color If not, I would stick with the nVidia card. A
From 720p to standard DVD
by gabriele gismondi 9 years ago
hi, i'm finally exporting my video for a SD DVD. I worked with 1280x720p material and im wondering wich is now the best way to get (from COMPRESSOR and then to DVDSTUDIO) a standard DVD the
Re: From 720p to standard DVD
by Alex D'Eath 9 years ago
I create SD DVD's from DVCProHD footage all the time and send a reference movie to my desktop and drop it onto compressor. I bought the CRAM pack of compressor setting as they have some really nice se
Gaffer/Grip For Hampton, Virginia
by Alex D'Eath 10 years ago
We will be shooting next week in the Hampton, VA area and we are looking for a gaffer grip for a 2 day shoot at the NASA research center at Langley. We will need help with lighting and schlepping of g
720p to 1080i
by Derek Natzke 10 years ago
I am looking to upscale 720p to 1080i for broadcast. I am working in Final Cut Studio 2 and have an AJA KONA LH card. I understand that the card I have will not to realtime upscaling so what are my op
Re: 720p to 1080i
by Alex D'Eath 10 years ago
I don't mean to turn this into a thread about the 1400 but I regularly rent this deck for ingest and output and I am now curious as to what in can convert. My understanding is that this deck will not
HVX200AP Stopped Suddenly
by Rachel Wiederhoeft 10 years ago
My intern was out shooting last night on our HVX200AP with 2 32GB P2 cards and one 16GB card. At about 35-40min in, she hot swapped the full 32 GB card out for the 16GB card and sat down (which I alre
Re: HVX200AP Stopped Suddenly
by Alex D'Eath 10 years ago
I once had this problem when we first started our HVX and we were conducting interviews. I tried to pull a card that was full during an interview and I didn't depress the eject button fully. When I go
final cut pro and M2T files
by Brent Rubin 10 years ago
Hi, I apologize if this has been discussed already, but I have a questions about FCP and M2T. I cut a movie in Avid Liquid 7... it was the worst experience of my life (I hate that program) and now it'
Re: final cut pro and M2T files
by Alex D'Eath 10 years ago
You can convert m2t files for free with mpeg streamclip. I use it all the time to convert HD clips from sony vegas to dvcpro hd clips for editing in fcp. Alex D'Eath Operations
Problem with Boris Red displaying DVCProHD
by Alex D'Eath 10 years ago
Hello all, I am having trouble with getting boris red 4.3 to display DVCProHD content properly in FCP. When I add the effect to a clip in the timeline and launch boris the clip is displayed as 960*720
Re: Problem with Boris Red displaying DVCProHD
by peter mcauley 10 years ago
Hi Alex, I'm not sure what the problem is - I just tried that on my system and it appeared to correctly adjust the PAR when I toggled the Square Pixels option in the Preview menu. Can I ask you to ple
Pixel Shape for Still Image
by Raymond Singer 11 years ago
Common situation, brain-dead me can't remember the formula. I have a graphic that includes a round earth element but when imported into FCP, it goes of course all out egg shaped. I changed the pixel a
Re: Pixel Shape for Still Image
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
Try using the distort function in the viewer window to "square" up your image. I don't remember all the basic formulas. Alex D'Eath Operations Manager Space City Films, Inc Abo
Multi Layer Dissolves and Green Screens
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
This is questions gets asked every once and awhile and while I understand the fundamentals I need some help with a very particular situation. Here is the scenario. We have a bunch of talking heads edi
Re: Multi Layer Dissolves and Green Screens
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
Still doesn't solve the problem. If I crop the green screen and move them around I need to have the bg comped into the effect as well as on it's own layer which gets me back to my original problem of
Live Capture Blu Ray with Kona LHe
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
Don't know if anybody has tried this, but is it possible to capture direct from a blu ray player into FCP with a Kona LHe. I have some footage from the Japanese space agency that needs to be included
Re: Live Capture Blu Ray with Kona LHe
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
Thanks for the quick reply Walter, I spoke to the fine folks at AJA and turns out the issue was with the output setting from the BD player. It was configured to 525i. I had the frame buffer and the in
Duel Adaptor problemo
by Alex Kuzelicki 11 years ago
Hey, Recently bought a HVX200a - love it! I use a Duel Adaptor to offload the P2 cards to my MacBook Pro which has worked fine... until just a couple days ago. Of course, we have a huge shoot this wee
Re: Ridiculous!
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
I have a workflow that I have been using for the last 18 months on dozens of shoot with no issues. I have an MBP running 10.4.11, FCP 5.1.4. I use P2CMS and their P2Card Formatter Software. When a car
HPX500: Capture Options
by Jeremey Shelton 11 years ago
Good morning all! I thought I would post a quick question that I sure that someone here either knows or has tried. Is there or would there be any benefit of capturing live HPX500 footage via a Blackma
Re: HPX500: Capture Options
by Alex D'Eath 11 years ago
I ordered a custom cable from mike at dale pro audio in new york. It is 25' long and has RCA females on one end and BNC connections on the other end. It set us back about $75.00 and took a couple of w
clips for web - 3 questions
by Quentin Block 12 years ago
Hi, I need to make a basic site in order to show some of my video clips. Most of the clips are around a minute, some are as long as 3.5 minutes. Do you recommend streaming or progressive download What
Re: clips for web - 3 questions
by Alex D'Eath 12 years ago
We are currently using xprove to allow our customers to view their productions in a secure environment. It is an excellent interface. Don't know if this helps you out at all but it's definitely worth
by Dennis Cummins 12 years ago
Hey guys wonder if you can help me out, im going crazy here. Im trying to compress some short video to clips (5 minutes) to put up on the web as FLV
Re: FLV's
by Alex D'Eath 12 years ago
I don't know if this will help. I while back had to encode a DVCPro HD project that ran about 5 minutes. I couldn't get a file size of 5 mb's with any sort of decent quality but what did help was knoc
P2 & the PC - preferred editing software
by Markford Astina 12 years ago
Hey all, I've only ever used macs to edit P2. I'm pretty happy with the workflow and am very comfortable with the whole deal. My main 'petpeeve' about it is that the new core2duo Macbook Pros don't co
Re: P2 & the PC - preferred editing software
by Alex D'Eath 12 years ago
I currently use a P2 store to copy over P2 content to my 15" macbookpro. Shane Ross has a mention in his blog and there is review somewhere in this forum about a device that uses the PCI Express slot
by rodegear 13 years ago
At long last the P2 card adaptor for Slot 34 Macbook Pros is available for ordering. I just got the email. Here is the link. http:
by Alex D'Eath 12 years ago
I was just doing a location shoot this past weekend and was using a p2 store to copy the data across to an external dard drive and then copying the card to my p2 store for backup. This tends to tie up
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