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Buttons not working on HVX200
by Mike herbach 10 years ago
almost two years ago when I bought my HXV 200 loved up until last month. I went to turn it on and it started recording automatically and the buttons would not respond. I removed the battery and then i
Re: HVX200 Button problem a known manufacturing issue with Panasonic
by Alan Sheltra 10 years ago
I have the exact same issue with my HVX200 (less than 2 years old). Had not used it in while and when I turned it on no buttons or menu items would function (goes straight in to record mode, could not
Sketch Style Animation
by Luke Ogden 10 years ago
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum but not the website, I'd really appreciate some help on this one, As part of a project I need to make a short ish animation of a fox, I want it to look really rough a
Re: Sketch Style Animation
by Alan Sheltra 10 years ago
I think George was referring to the abilty of poser to import QTs (or still images) as a background layer and rendering out using the sketch render. If you want to animate characters in Poser, there a
Help : Rough Alpha Edges
by Chin Siong Tay 10 years ago
Hi someone please help me on this compositing issue!!! In my Final Composition timeline, i have image sequences and comped sequences(all in targa format). All the images in this project are rendered f
Re: Help : Rough Alpha Edges
by Alan Sheltra 10 years ago
Perhaps applying a matte choke will help. Usually cleans up rough edges. Alan Sheltra AniMajik Productions http:
Good Colleges or Art Schools with After Effects type programs?
by Rob Kelly 11 years ago
Does anybody know what schools offer strong post production programs I really don't know any and I don't know where to start looking, but I know that film editing is definitely what I want to pursue.
Re: Good Colleges or Art Schools with After Effects type programs?
by Alan Sheltra 11 years ago
Video Symphony Post Production Institute in Burbank, CA has good After Effects training as part of their Avid Profession or Motion Graphics courses. http: Alan Sheltra AniMajik Produ
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