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AE Keyboard Editor Bug ? 15.1.2 (2018)
by Alan Eddie 4 months ago
Version 15.1.2 (2018) Hi there, I am having a frustrating issue, moving from AE 2014 to 2018. I am manually setting up shortcuts as I like them in the new editor. The issue is for some commands, if I
toggling layer groups on and off
by Tom Durham 7 years ago
Hey Folks, Doing a big project with all kinds of layers and precomps. It's a project that will be done in lots of languages. Is there some kind of expression that allows me to click one thing on a mas
Re: toggling layer groups on and off
by Alan Eddie 7 years ago
Hi there, I have just released a script that address' your needs... http: layer-groups ======================================================= Another more manual way is to create linked
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