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smooth expression
by Aimee Maynard 6 years ago
I am looking for an expression to smooth a random expression. I am using Cineon Converter. Gamma - effect("Cineon Converter")(6) random(1,10). I want to smooth the effect. Or does anyone have a way to
MX-navi Software for panasonic AG-MX70
by teun van den nosterum 11 years ago
I'm looking for the MX-navi software which was included with the Panasonic MX70 video mixer. I lost the disk over the years, and i've been looking on the net to download it somewhere... I get some lin
Re: MX-navi Software for panasonic AG-MX70
by Aimee Maynard 8 years ago
e-mail panasonic for the update or find a laptop the XP. Sorry I can't be more help. In the middle of a five day documentary contest. On day 3.Very busy.
mx navi
by brett webb 9 years ago
I have a panasonic MX70 and use the mx navi software... does anyone who uses this software know if there is a way to program it so that you can change a graphic without taking it away. What I am tryin
Re: mx navi
by Aimee Maynard 9 years ago
Try setting the preview to disk. can you send a copy of the CD-Rom I lost mind and need to re-install drivers for an event tonight.
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