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Gut Bacteria
by Addie Kennamer 1 month ago
Hi! I am fairly new to Cinema 4d and am trying to create micro biome! I have posted a screenshot below of what I am trying to achieve. So far, I have hairs on a plane and have changed the hair roots,
Re: Gut Bacteria
by Benjamin parker 6 hours ago
looking at the image I would suggest you would be better off using the capsule primitive and a cloner. Is there any particular reason you went with hair Long days and pleasant nights.
Gut Microbiome
by Addie Kennamer 2 months ago
I am new to C4d and am trying to create the inside of gut micro biome! I have already posted, asking how to create 'villi' and tried with hairs inside a cylinder but it didn't give me the look I was g
Re: Gut Microbiome
by Steve Bentley 2 months ago
Perfect job for the cloner and mograph. Even more perfect if you have R20 and above because you could use a moving noise and fields to have the villi wave in the current (you can get there in pre-R20
Create Villi (Microbiome)
by Addie Kennamer 2 months ago
Please help! I am new to cinema 4D and am trying to create microbiome with villi on the inside walls of a tube cylinder! I ve tried a cube with subdivision surface and cloning that but I m having trou
Re: Create Villi (Microbiome)
by Addie Kennamer 2 months ago
What would be the reason I am not able to change the roots count of the hairs under guides
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