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Merging Two Databases Into One
by Adam French 1 year ago
What's the best and safest method for merging two databases together We have two .cdv files being managed by two users, each database with unique files and metadata. I'd like to consolidate these into
Re: Merging Two Databases Into One
by Adam French 1 year ago
Perfect. I just wanted to make sure that was the best practice. I'm using the standalone version and these files are all associated with the same project, hence the desire to have them merged. So, I'l
Multi Auto-Suggest Does Not Allow For Extensible Inputs?
by Adam French 2 years ago
Multi Grouping allows for my Pick Lists to be Extensible, but not the similarly functioning Multi Auto-Suggest Is it possible to get that enabled I'd much prefer to use the Multi Auto-Suggest for Tag
Fixing Details Panel Width + Bonus Feature Request
by Adam French 2 years ago
Hello all, My Details Panel is set to display Above, adjacent to the Media Player, as default. On my current screen resolution, it opts to display fields in a three-column table (unless being overridd
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