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Media Encoder Bizarre Problem
by Adam Earl 10 years ago
Hello all, Been dealing with a pretty infurating problem for the last week. Trying to export F4V's and h.264 mp4's from premiere CS4 using AME. The project is pretty huge, almost 500 elements, and it'
Re: Media Encoder Bizarre Problem
by Jake Williams 10 years ago
I was having problems exporting and was able to narrow it down(with the help of Adobe phone support) to a problem with encoder and frame holds clip speed adjustments. Does your timeline have any frame
by Adam Earl 10 years ago
I've seen a lot of similar posts to this, but none of them seem to answer my question... I'm shooting on P2 with a Panasonic camera, model number AG-HPX500, with a format of DVCPro50 30i. I import the
by Adam Earl 10 years ago
Graininess was a bad choice of words on my part... it was less grainy and more just noisy... which was a by-product of the fielding and the movement on the screen. Once the fielding was fixed, the ima
premiere audio issue
by Adam Earl 11 years ago
I recorded video on a P2 HD cam, and accidentally recorded all the audio on track 3 of 4 on the camera. I import the clips into Premiere, and I can't hear the audio in the source panel. I put it in th
Re: premiere audio issue
by Marten Kopp 11 years ago
Hi Adam, I am having kind of the same problems. My source monitor refuses to play any audio even though I kan see the waveform after doing some source channel mapping. Did you find a sollution allread
Odd render problem
by Adam Earl 11 years ago
Hey all, Having an odd problem with RAM preview and render in after effects. I'm creating a 3d checklist with a camera that pans over all the checked items. Im using 3D stroke, glow, gaussian blur, re
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