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Batch rendering again- Last question!
by Aaron Cross 10 months ago
Thanks for your perseverance.. I can edit and load up batch lists now, thanks, but here's my question.. It seems you have to click the movie codec and Keyframe rate and quality for each video..is that
Aaron Cross liked this 10 months ago
Re: Batch rendering again- Last question!
by Aaron Cross 10 months ago
Hi Alan, Thanks- I got there in the wee small hours- just a space needed before the -out part of each line. Something a programmer in this environment would probably spot straight away. Feels like a m
Command Line question- batch rendering
by Aaron Cross 10 months ago
HI, Firstly Alan- thanks for your reply on my last post. Strange issue but can live with it..CMD+R does rewind, except if mouse if over the the library window. OSX 100.11.6 Can't seem to reply to that
Re: Command Line question- batch rendering
by Alan Lorence 10 months ago
Look at the help docs for the section on batch rendering. It shows the list of commands. Also from those docs: ----- Using the Saved Command Files Earlier it was mentioned that pIRenderBatch can be us
PI3 question
by Aaron Cross 11 months ago
Hi Folks, Great to see PI is still alive and kicking. Looking forwards to a standalone version! In PI3, when I press cmd+n I am seeking a new scene. Unfortunately when my mouse is over the bottom righ
Re: PI3 question
by Alan Lorence 11 months ago
It's probably not a pI3 thing, but who knows. It doesn't do this for me. What version of OS X are you running Do you have any other apps or utilities running that might be intercepting those commands
Resize sequence
by Manuel Valencia 10 years ago
I recorded a lot of clips in 640x480 but the sequence is 720p (i think) and it resized my clips when i added it to the playlist to fit the height of the sequence. Now i want to export and i have to re
Re: Resize sequence
by Aaron Cross 9 years ago
Hi folks, I too am stuck with this, sorry but the first persons suggestion was no good. You cannot specify size other than PAL, NTSC, or 1080's The smallest you can access this way is 720 px wide. I n
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