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by nichchr 13 years ago
On both the boxes I built so far, I did RAID the video drives, and have never had any problems. But I'm wondering what the benefit actually is vs. the increased risk of losing everything. Why not simp
Re: Why RAID?
by Choky 13 years ago
Thanks Videoguy, I was expecting this but I have just received my new system, but I am disapointed as I dont see any improvement over my old system it is maybe even slower Old System: MB Intel D865PER
Is this enough for HDV editing...
by MarkS2006 13 years ago
Is this enough for HDV editing with Vegas 6.0 AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ with HyperTransport and Dual Core Technology Alienware nForce4 SLI Chipset Motherboard PCI Express 2GB Dual Channel Low-Latency DDR
Re: Is this enough for HDV editing...
by Choky 13 years ago
this is enough until HD DVD or BLU-RAY burners become available
adobe + Sony HDVHC3 question
by porchy 13 years ago
i do realise that its trial and error when dealing with encoding settings to get the best possible video with keeping the size of the file down. i just bought the sony hc3 now if i use the HD settings
Re: adobe + Sony HDVHC3 question
by Choky 13 years ago
I have a limited experience in that matter but I think it is too early to want to stream HD to the internet. You should be filming in SD instead.
Matrox Graphics card
by Choky 13 years ago
Hello All, I am buying a new system that will be mainly used for NLE. I am wondering what graphics card to buy and come to choosing the Matrox Parhelia APVe. Does any one have an experience with this
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