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MPEG encoding Problem
by rouch 13 years ago
I m encoding some files with WinAVI Video Converter from Divx or Avi to Mpeg and a square formed with 9 smaller squares appear on the right top corner on the Mpeg encoded file that wasn t on the origi
Re: MPEG encoding Problem
by badboy 13 years ago
Can the source file be played perfectly on your pc And which version of url=http: avi-to-dvd.htm winavi you use
See on TV what´s on Windows M. Player
by rouch 14 years ago
I want to see what s seen on windows media player on my TV through my external A D, D A video converter (Canopus ADVC-110). Actually I can do this with my Ati Mobility Radeon X300 super video out that
it's possible...
by john ray 14 years ago
with the right hardware. matrox rtx100 has the capability and I seem to recall theat my Pro One did as well....
capture card with mpgeg encoder or not...?
by rouch 14 years ago
I m thinking of buying a Canopus ADVC-110 that has not mpeg hardware encoders, it gives via fireware dv(.avi) files. I ve also seen Ads Tech Instant DVD + DV that has hardware mpeg compresors. As I ve
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