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Best way to remove paper lables?
by stevess 13 years ago
I have trouble with paper labels causing my DVDs to freeze and distort. After a little research this turns out not to be uncommon. After removing the label from one disc the problem disappeared. Most
Problem reading and importing DVD
by stevess 13 years ago
Forgive the lenght, I pasted togeather my post and edited replies from another forum. I previously had no problems importing from DVDs I made of old VHS tapes(DVD-R made on Panasonic DVD Recoder Model
VHS to DVD then edit
by mistux 14 years ago
I am at a point of confusion and a little frustration. I want to do the following: 1. Convert my old VHS and 8mm tapes to DVDs 2. Be able to edit some of them at a later date. My thoughts up to this p
Re: VHS to DVD then edit
by stevess 14 years ago
Ulead works great for this. Premiere elements won"t. Thats all I have tried.
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