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What are the chances of success with Adobe ?
by Rozteaches 14 years ago
What are my chances of being successful in a short time with Adobe Premiere 6 I have access to the product, educational version, through the school I teach in. I am currently using Studio 9 Plus and a
Re: What are the chances of success with Adobe ?
by Dugonius 14 years ago
You can perform J and L cuts on Premiere Pro with the greatest of ease- Premiere was the first (and only) editing program I ever used, and I picked up basic J and l cutting techniques within the first
Possible Bottleneck...?
by Dugonius 14 years ago
I recently purchased a new computer, built strictly with NLE (Prem pro) in mind. The specs are as follows; Abit IC7-G (Intel 875 based chipset) Intel 3.2 processor 1GB Corsair 3200xl RAM (matched pair
Re: Possible Bottleneck...?
by Gary Bettan 14 years ago
Make sure you have all your project files and scratch disks going to the video dirve, not your C: drive. Gary
Starting from scratch
by Dugonius 14 years ago
I am building a system for my growing interest in video editing, and upon finding this site I started to base it around elements from the two Videoguys DIY articles. When I thought I had a fairly firm
Re: Starting from scratch
by Gary Bettan 14 years ago
Athlon systems can give just as much performance as a Pentium and save you some bucks. BUT - they are trickier to build and optimize for video editing. So they make for a much more difficult DIY proje
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