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Studio 9 Problems
by Rozteaches 14 years ago
Does anyone out there know what to do when you have spent 72 hours trying to render a video that consistently hangs in different areas , yes I've tried everything except reinstall,that I am scheduled
by Rozteaches 14 years ago
Thanks for the advice-although it doesn't make it easy for any type of business venture with video work. After all if I'm doing a video for an anniversary,wedding reception or memorial service I abso
What are the chances of success with Adobe ?
by Rozteaches 14 years ago
What are my chances of being successful in a short time with Adobe Premiere 6 I have access to the product, educational version, through the school I teach in. I am currently using Studio 9 Plus and a
Re: What are the chances of success with Adobe ?
by Dugonius 14 years ago
You can perform J and L cuts on Premiere Pro with the greatest of ease- Premiere was the first (and only) editing program I ever used, and I picked up basic J and l cutting techniques within the first
studio 9 plus
by tonymarr 14 years ago
I have studio 9 plus and do a lot of video editing (eg:weddings and varius other functions) my problem is that if i use to meny transictions in my editing the programe becames like a donkey.I can go h
by Rozteaches 14 years ago
I am interested in how you like liquid - I have considered the same upgrade. My upgrade from 9 to Plus was disappointing to say the least. Later-Roz
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